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Hey world!

My name is Andrew Laubacher, most people call me Alob.  I am from Ventura California and I travel leading worship and speaking to people all over the world about the love of God.  I am more convinced than ever before that God is real, not just a construct of the mind or something my parents made me believe to be a good person.  


My mission is clear - to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ to a broken world through music and speaking.


The power of song has been something that has continued to amaze me in my travels.  Humans were made to worship, and it’s a gift to be able to help create an environment for people to encounter God. My hope is that people will realize we were made to live for something more, and not just something, but someone.  I feel called to manifest the power of the Holy Spirit in lives through music, speaking, and videos.


I hope you are blessed by my songs and continue to pray for me to be a man after God’s own heart as I pray for you.  I look forward to journeying with you! Come Holy Spirit!